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Aivars Ozoliņš

RT @JohnRDeni: Iran ends Russian use of air base because of unwanted publicity https://t.co/YM6yKy4sCf

Mon, 22 Aug 2016 21:20:20 id

Maltītes @airBaltic esot inovatīvas un vienas no labākajām, uzskata @CNNTravel (Nr.5): https://t.co/sMQMC6VLq1

Mon, 22 Aug 2016 19:18:45 id

RT @Janis_Kazocins: Will Putin target Latvia next? https://t.co/piZdr5NfVH

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 22:15:43 id

RT @SergeyKofanov: "Those who have tried to investigate have been killed off, one by one" https://t.co/hHtFxEr8yL

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 16:27:03 id

RT @carlbildt: Video from @RFERL on the momentous days when the Soviet empire started to crumble. Days not to forget. https://t.co/neKlP2IX

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 16:25:50 id

RT @JBANCchatter: BBC News - #Nooscope mystery: The strange device of Putin's new man Anton Vaino https://t.co/xuNDdUotrk @BBC

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 16:21:11 id

RT @MaraMikelsone: Kā strādā Vice News žurnālists Simons Ostrovskis, lasiet @AivarsOzo intervijā: https://t.co/rfeRquYpDe

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 11:03:01 id

RT @Arlietas: 1/2 Pirms 25 gadiem,1991. gada 19.–21. augustā notika neveiksmīgs valsts apvēruma mēģinājums PSRS https://t.co/OaKcyD8upv

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 09:39:19 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: Should the West work with Russia on Syria? #Russia #ISIS #ISIL https://t.co/6Vxtk0PNr8

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 02:28:51 id

RT @thehill: NYC Parks on naked Trump statue: We opposed "any unpermitted erection" no matter "how small" https://t.co/T9aLsfoF5Z https://t…

Fri, 19 Aug 2016 00:33:41 id

RT @NATOSource: #Greece (53%) #Hungary (38%) #Germany (31%) & #Italy (31%) have highest confidence in #Putin https://t.co/YGrXZWe3UM https:…

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 22:28:01 id

RT @oskudra: Zivju konservu ražotāji pieteikušies veidot LR ārpolitiku.Kāda kautrība! Būtu uzreiz pieprasījuši ZZS/Saskaņas valdību un Ādam…

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 20:05:44 id

Vai krievu ģenerāļiem Latvijas armijas bruņumašīnas nepatīk? Elksniņš prasa izmeklēt to iepirkumu: https://t.co/XthWqZKUsK

Wed, 17 Aug 2016 14:31:34 id

Brazīlijā strādā 14 cilvēki no LTV https://t.co/mIQ2XO28CY

Wed, 17 Aug 2016 13:44:41 id

Kā Maskavā, tā Rīgā... https://t.co/7qp3Qmv4KZ

Wed, 17 Aug 2016 09:28:46 id

RT @IlvesToomas: Award-winning Estonian-Finnish novelist Sofi Oksanen: What It’s Like to Write about Russia https://t.co/n1WJ4Etkqr

Wed, 17 Aug 2016 09:12:49 id

RT @carlbildt: New Kremlin Chief of Staff knows the "nooscope" that can "study the collective conscience of mankind”. Fine. Or? https://t.c

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 14:20:32 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: Russian antivirus firm faked malware to harm rivals https://t.co/w5ZbuM8HYt

Mon, 15 Aug 2016 18:32:41 id

Latvia's Riga Triumphs as Prettiest European City. #USAToday Readers' Choice: https://t.co/T4O12pLGVK

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 17:10:24 id

RT @carlbildt: Donald Trump has really messed it up lately. Shows in polls. But race normally restarts in September. It ain't over. https:/…

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 16:58:52 id

RT @TeaPartyTechie: I suppose this means a long weekend. https://t.co/Sdp4ookBKv

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 13:25:23 id

RT @20committee: Senior NATO intel official to me: "We concluded Trump's just not sane enough to be a witting Russian agent. But he's quite…

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 11:47:50 id

RT @ubco2: 320 journalists killed in Russia since 1991 - 205 of them - during Putin's time https://t.co/HSusx9L9fF

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 03:05:25 id

RT @IngaUlnicane: Austria: The Lesson of the Far Right https://t.co/6JlP6Rj4fj via @nybooks

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 23:19:36 id

Ko klausās mūsu politiķi, ja viņiem ir brīvais laiks? https://t.co/mwX7NpK8Wb

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 21:40:48 id

RT @JBANCchatter: Russia deploys Bastion-P coastal defense missile system near border with the #Baltics https://t.co/E4byP4jbP8

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 19:29:02 id

RT @a_latkovskis: Kamēr pašmāju līderi šprotu cehā rotaļājas ar ideju par sankciju atcelšanu... https://t.co/ZkVfMMAwWz

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 16:44:43 id

RT @carlbildt: Today in 1961 the Communist started to build the wall that divided a city and a country. It all fell in 1989. https://t.co/l

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 16:41:01 id

RT @hdevreij: Latvia: 'Armed forces across Russia's entire western military district have gone onto a state of high alert' https://t.co/ZNk

Sat, 13 Aug 2016 10:25:51 id

Ne tikai Ušakovam, bet arī ZZS sava ārpolitika ar Krieviju. Finanšu ministre konservu cehā runā par gāzi... https://t.co/VcQg4MIFrh

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 17:11:39 id

RT @JBANCchatter: Putinformation - Russian propaganda in the age of postmodernism. https://t.co/WUh4nLlrjc @AronRTTT

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 17:01:11 id

RT @TeleportInc: Freedom from #corruption score in different cities across Europe. #datamap #maps https://t.co/obn9nxykEI

Fri, 12 Aug 2016 16:42:19 id

RT @NATOSource: Turkish Military Officer Seeking Asylum in United States https://t.co/snIXEyPjlk #NATO #Turkey https://t.co/Fwwg7HgPa0

Thu, 11 Aug 2016 23:19:27 id

RT @SimonOstrovsky: I'm going to be talking about video journalism to some eager young minds! Sign up if you're in Riga. https://t.co/YCfek

Thu, 11 Aug 2016 23:03:56 id

RT @AlexNicest: Spanish investigation links deputy head of Russian central bank to organised crime group https://t.co/gH5roXPgy3

Tue, 09 Aug 2016 12:26:28 id

RT @Zalgauckis: Tas brīdi, kad gribi būt gudrāks par visiem, bet pats sevi pataisi par lielāko muļķi. :D https://t.co/G7sYgmlByA

Mon, 08 Aug 2016 14:40:40 id

RT @Charles_Lipson: The election in a nutshell: If it's about Hillary, Trump wins If it's about Trump, Hillary wins & both candidates want…

Mon, 08 Aug 2016 12:17:39 id

RT @ProSyn: Hairstyles and politics | @ian_buruma https://t.co/n5n9I8KyfL

Sun, 07 Aug 2016 21:29:34 id

RT @Janis_Hermanis: GDP per capita in European countries before WW2 https://t.co/fJFDxv6jv6

Sun, 07 Aug 2016 16:02:31 id

RT @AlexPanchenko2: Purportedly, a groundbreaking new #TrumpPence16 election poster's been leaked by @TeamTrump;) #TrumpForPresident https:…

Sun, 07 Aug 2016 03:19:38 id

RT @JSaryuszWolski: "Today is the 25th anniversary of the internet" https://t.co/l7mgvAwcF1

Sat, 06 Aug 2016 14:55:45 id

RT @carlbildt: After 2nd super secret vote still very much an open race for next SG of the UN. Expect back room deal by October. https://t.…

Sat, 06 Aug 2016 13:17:38 id

RT @RolandOliphant: Russians happiest about Brexit. https://t.co/OdHxMzPMjz

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 19:01:15 id

RT @PeterGreste: Listening to 'The post journalistic world' via ABC radio. Disturbing account for anybody worried about news https://t.co/

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 17:42:21 id

90-o sākumā PSRS militāristiem bija jāiznīcina kartes, taču gudrākie pārdeva tās Jāņa sētai, stāsta Aivars Beldavs https://t.co/weNhJW29Qi

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 13:42:47 id

RT @RepShimkus: 1st @medium post- I just published “I would die for Tallinn (because I would have died for Bonn, Paris, and London)” https:…

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 05:28:20 id

RT @ProSyn: Is Putin's Russia inching closer to fascism? https://t.co/t1kxdqvZ9P

Fri, 05 Aug 2016 01:40:21 id

RT @a_latkovskis: Krievija. "Kāda vēl tur krīze?! Šogad jūsu alga ir par 75% lielāka." "Salīdzinot ar ko lielāka?" "Salīdzinot ar nākam…

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 15:41:55 id

RT @Lawrence: 6 minutes. That's how much time POTUS has to decide how to handle incoming nuclear attack. Imagine @realDonaldTrump in those…

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 14:03:51 id

RT @J_Hermanis: Latvijas iedzīvotāju etniskais sastāvs reģionos un lielajās pilsētās https://t.co/lLAyHlBS5W

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 14:00:18 id

RT @AtlanticCouncil: "By insulting the #Khanfamily, Trump may have awakened a political giant" Shuja Nawaz → https://t.co/guFgScRbiH https…

Thu, 04 Aug 2016 02:57:38 id

RT @andersostlund: GOP reaches ‘new level of panic’ over Trump’s candidacy https://t.co/Z9u2P0H5j4

Wed, 03 Aug 2016 22:54:32 id

Krievijas atbilde Eiropas Savienībai https://t.co/KwR3eZB0kR

Wed, 03 Aug 2016 20:47:33 id

RT @NATOSource: 2014 #Trump: "rest of #Ukraine will fall... fairly quickly.... it's just a question of time" https://t.co/4PgUtaFi3F https:…

Wed, 03 Aug 2016 20:30:07 id

RT @PaulGoble1: America, welcome to the war https://t.co/KrFgHc1sLY via @POLITICOEurope

Tue, 02 Aug 2016 12:25:54 id

RT @_cingraham: Good grief. @realDonaldTrump's convention speech was an unmitigated PR disaster https://t.co/ODFx8Q9buu https://t.co/NHwUO4

Tue, 02 Aug 2016 00:50:38 id

RT @EUvsDisinfo: Great overview of Kremlin funded organisations in the EU in @MartensCentre report https://t.co/RUMPeDsNNP #longread https:…

Sat, 30 Jul 2016 12:39:23 id

RT @neretnieks: Well worth reading. What if Russia invaded the Baltics—and Donald Trump was president? https://t.co/MpIt60idJf

Thu, 28 Jul 2016 10:16:57 id

RT @b_judah: Possible Trump recognition of Crimea now on the cards. https://t.co/bk4vVaVg5u

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 19:35:14 id

RT @nytimes: Donald Trump’s comments essentially sanction a foreign power's cyberspying https://t.co/UUuaBt4FVB

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 19:34:28 id

"Russia's information war might be thought of as the biggest trolling operation in history" https://t.co/3m8nczHQUQ

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 16:23:47 id

RT @KadriLiik: Good & insightful article by my @ecfr colleague @MarkGaleotti https://t.co/b2OBEdbtbC

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 14:06:23 id

RT @morozhnoye: European security concerns bring Russian mafia back onto agenda | European Council on Foreign Relations https://t.co/8eWE2o

Wed, 27 Jul 2016 09:38:27 id

RT @DavidSatter: Review of "The Less You Know..." in The Times of London https://t.co/555BO1UH3L @HudsonInstitute @SAISHopkins @Kleptocracy

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 19:27:55 id

RT @ErikVoeten: Fascinating interactive data visualizations of trends in height across the globe https://t.co/V5v3ZduuJK https://t.co/HdVSW

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 12:07:38 id

RT @mikskoljers: If they ever want to remake 'Land of the Giants' they should film it in Latvia. No special effects required. https://t.co/

Tue, 26 Jul 2016 12:07:26 id

RT @IlvesToomas: False And Flagged: Behind the Russian Hack on the DNC by Thomas Rid, @RidT, someone who knows his cyber-security. https://…

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:26:31 id

RT @NATOSource: .@RidT: Malware connected to #Russia's GRU found in both #Germany's "parliament as well as on the DNC’s servers" https://t.…

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:23:14 id

Urmass izspiegojis, ka tikai 37% ventspilnieku būtu gatavi vēlēšanās balsot par Lemberga Latvijai un Ventspilij. https://t.co/UKD71qzoJ0

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 18:04:32 id

RT @ThePlumLineGS: Just in from @nytimes: "researchers have concluded that DNC was breached by two Russian intel agencies" https://t.co/17

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 14:08:49 id

RT @IlvesToomas: The ultimate causes of Brexit: history, culture, and geography https://t.co/Hsbf6ozxD2 via @LSEEuroppblog

Mon, 25 Jul 2016 01:04:44 id

RT @ProSyn: Has the UK really become flooded with newcomers from other EU member states? @kevinhorourke https://t.co/HWyE2WsmMj https://t.c

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 20:42:16 id

RT @hlanderholm: Insightful basic journalistic work outside the usual circle of pundits. https://t.co/wFcpJCjAyO

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 20:37:41 id

RT @TheSofiaGlobe: Russian aircraft intruded in Bulgarian air space 10 times in past month – Defence Minister https://t.co/kYhFxI2dxf https…

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 14:24:48 id

RT @ditarietuma: Dramatiski.Read @mmflint's letter about the 5 reasons Trump will win. https://t.co/Pi7MdFJ11v

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 14:06:05 id

RT @anneapplebaum: if you still aren't convinced: @joshtpm lays out the Trump/Putin financial and political connection again https://t.co/N

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 05:17:46 id

RT @andersostlund: Good side of Putin, Brexit, Trump etc phenomena is that so many non-democratic, racist, fascist-leaning people show thei…

Sun, 24 Jul 2016 00:49:54 id

RT @KadriLiik: Well written https://t.co/uPPolpPtPe

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 19:44:04 id

RT @anneapplebaum: Even @paulkrugman gets the sinister nature of the Trump/Russia connection https://t.co/SOaD23l0aD

Sat, 23 Jul 2016 13:39:37 id

RT @nybooks: “There is in our future a TV or Internet populism,” Umberto Eco predicted in 1995, “in which …” https://t.co/fhjSAhMXvv

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 19:32:57 id

“Sixty percent of the products tested by Roscontrol are poor quality, unsafe or falsified.” https://t.co/SNjgpo3qVU

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 12:11:33 id

RT @FareedZakaria: Trump’s statement on NATO was the most reckless made by a presidential candidate in modern times: My latest column https…

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:33:51 id

RT @JBANCchatter: Republicans rip Trump over #NATO plan https://t.co/MgHGGwmk29 #Baltics

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:27:26 id

RT @NATOSource: Secretary General @jensstoltenberg's response to #Trump comments about #NATO https://t.co/a0hcD6N5j1 https://t.co/CmNICClnVe

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 23:12:25 id

"The day Washington makes the Balts second-class NATO members is the day the whole alliance starts to die." https://t.co/CvCvcWiSif

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:44:51 id

RT @NATOSource: #Trump has same untrue #Syria policy as #Russia: "Assad hates #ISIS; ISIS hates Assad. They are fighting each other" https:…

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:34:42 id

Mīlestība dara aklu. @JanisIesalnieks: "Politisku motīvu dēļ liberāļi piedēvē Trampam to, ko viņš nav teicis." Sieg!

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:29:41 id

Mīlestība dara aklu. @JanisIesalnieks: "Politisku motīvu dēļ liberāļi piedēvē Trampam to, ko viņš nav teicis." Zieg!

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 19:08:16 id

RT @Ojars_E_Kalnins: It's official: Hillary Clinton is running against Vladimir Putin https://t.co/hooYV1TsGg

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 18:49:14 id

RT @MaxBoot: In light of pro-Putin change to GOP platform, worth re-reading @FranklinFoer piece on Trump as "Putin's Puppet." https://t.co/

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:55:12 id

RT @anneapplebaum: In case of you missed this: Trump would not necessarily defend a Nato member if Russia attacks https://t.co/MRW368GgHP

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:25:52 id

Viens no retajiem jautājumiem, kurā Tramps ir konsekvents - jau martā paziņoja, ka "NATO ir ļoti novecojusi". https://t.co/gumMvYWPGN

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:20:38 id

RT @anneapplebaum: Why we have abandoned facts. From @peterpomeranzev https://t.co/Fn0QaQi589

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 21:43:45 id

RT @JanisBerzins: Turkey coup attempt: Risk of Nato suspension as Erdogan's purge intensifies  https://t.co/lsJv4hDovP via @telegraphnews

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 16:04:33 id

Adele, the Rolling Stones, R.E.M., Neil Young have all asked Trump to stop playing their music at campaign rallies. https://t.co/Sw4G6AOHhD

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 15:56:27 id

Žurnālista Pāvela Šeremeta slepkavības pamatversija - viņa profesionālā darbība: https://t.co/p3NyZX8egx

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 15:36:06 id

Montreux Jazz Festival? Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Hagen... you name it. Yes - Arta Jēkabsone! https://t.co/vBXGXA9DyW

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 15:16:20 id

.@realDonaldTrump, 5 Sep 2012 https://t.co/tpovb8MHdU

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 22:01:29 id

RT @Conflicts: TURKEY: List of the massive numbers involved in the #TurkeyPurge following failed coup. - @ashishjena94 https://t.co/elnmyyn

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:40:54 id

RT @Nina_Terrero: Comedy or tragedy? 🙈 #MelaniaGate https://t.co/UjViWAajoS

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 20:18:08 id

RT @raudseps: Tramps izsvītro bruņojuma piegādes Ukrainai no Republikāņu partijas programmas. Is Donald Trump Working for Russia? https://t…

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 18:52:53 id

RT @joshrogin: Exclusive: Trump campaign guts GOP’s anti-Russia stance on Ukraine https://t.co/RDvIrc0971 @washingtonpost

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 13:30:06 id

RT @BuzzFeedBen: Trump, attacking Biden: “I’ve had a great record, I haven’t been involved in plagiarism." https://t.co/nRqzacK0A5

Tue, 19 Jul 2016 13:28:30 id

RT @carlbildt: Doping and duping are obviously part of the policies of Russia. Better beware. https://t.co/mbKDEbrG0y

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 19:43:29 id

RT @cepa: The #West is exhausted, and the worst is yet to come. @edwardlucas #TurkeyCoup #NATO https://t.co/Ndwpf64qWO https://t.co/KIPM4T3

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 19:00:59 id

RT @Janis_Kazocins: Moscow lab protected doped Russian athletes at Sochi: WADA https://t.co/5yLCLzXOTG via @Reuters

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 17:10:25 id

RT @Conflicts: BREAKING: Police and prosecutors begin search of #İncirlik NATO air base in #Turkey - @CNNTURK_ENG

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 17:07:32 id

RT @anneapplebaum: purge of the army, judiciary, interior ministry...sounds like a coup d'etat https://t.co/ATdWPFPm57

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 14:59:22 id

RT @carlbildt: I see that UK FM Boris Johnson failed to reach Brussels as planned yesterday. Aircraft failed. Emergency landing Luton. Symb…

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 11:34:49 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: NATO may want to start an investigation into the alleged coup attempt in Turkey https://t.co/PxxswVxxhs

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 11:33:50 id

RT @Hromadske: We will not defeat Putinism by Putinizing our own societies – @edwardlucas https://t.co/oam6Zf6CFT #Hromadske https://t.co/6

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:56:06 id

RT @christogrozev: RU TV warns of criminal charges for chasing Pokemons: "in church: 3 yrs jail; at border: 2 yrs, at neighbors: 1 yr" htt…

Mon, 18 Jul 2016 03:35:23 id

RT @MKarnitschnig: Erdoğan to meet Vladimir Putin: Turkish state media https://t.co/EIQMZOzgsL via @POLITICOEurope

Sun, 17 Jul 2016 18:20:37 id

RT @markmackinnon: Nicola Sturgeon says new referendum on Scottish independence could happen next year if UK goes ahead with Brexit. https:…

Sun, 17 Jul 2016 18:06:48 id

RT @JHillje: Hey Populisten, ich hab' ein neues Thema für euch: Die EU einfach mal unterstützen. Kommt jetzt gut! https://t.co/LDnBTKQXtg

Sun, 17 Jul 2016 00:17:12 id

RT @janekinninmont: All countries who came out in support of Turkish democracy last night have a strong basis to press Erdogan, too, to res…

Sat, 16 Jul 2016 16:08:07 id

RT @POLITICOEurope: OPINION: #CoupDEtatTurquie bore little resemblance to efficacy of previous uprisings https://t.co/3kjCDGREYk https://t.…

Sat, 16 Jul 2016 16:02:51 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: Putin is trying to exploit the horrible terrorist attack in France to advance Moscow's foreign policy goals: https://t.c

Fri, 15 Jul 2016 21:08:58 id

RT @christogrozev: Wow. RU foreign ministry about @BorisJohnson's appointment: "We have long waited for the right person who will turn a pa…

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 21:53:45 id

RT @SatoriLV: Ko, tavuprāt, dungo bijušais Lielbritānijas premjerministrs Kamerons?https://t.co/sauQeA6Jzm https://t.co/lb8nt4v8Ri

Thu, 14 Jul 2016 18:38:21 id

RT @mathieuvonrohr: He says Russia is "smarter, stronger and more determined" than the west https://t.co/RUxmtt8FaR

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 13:54:23 id

It would have been unthinkable even two years ago to imagine NATO taking such steps... https://t.co/D2zmFuWROS

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 02:59:03 id

RT @NATOSource: .@nytimes reports that former SACEUR @stavridisj is being vetted by @HillaryClinton campaign as possible VP https://t.co/CJ

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 20:41:30 id

RT @Sputnik_Not: #Novorossiya delegation heads to #Brussels for #NATORussia Council meeting #NRC https://t.co/6pR11Idbv2

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 20:19:10 id

"Planet Earth is blue and there's nothing I can do": https://t.co/dlXnXF4XCK https://t.co/PMg8jKBW55

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 02:05:36 id

RT @BBCDanielS: David Cameron: "Thank you very much........................doo, doo, doo, doo. Right...Good." (The End) https://t.co/Z1zHgS

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 20:37:26 id

RT @hardlurker: "At least 20,000 to 40,000 individuals living in Germany may likely have ties with the Russian mafia." Low estimate https:…

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 14:30:39 id

RT @FredKempe: "#Putin is doing us a favor. He has reminded us that freedom is a treasure…" @Zbig Brzezinski @AtlanticCouncil #WGF14 http:/…

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 00:52:59 id

RT @j_kobzova: You can't make this up #Belarus @BalazsJarabik @KadriLiik https://t.co/IyPIUuBbQU

Sun, 10 Jul 2016 15:51:53 id

RT @KosterEU: Majority of pol. groups in Parliament say after hearing @VDombrovskis is perfectly fit for his new tasks. @EPPGroup @TheProgr

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 13:50:39 id

RT @KadriLiik: Me and @MerleMaigre telling NATO what to do with Russia: https://t.co/EXHVdOwOzp

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 13:42:46 id

RT @ArtursZogla: Kā krievu armija, "aizstāvot" Rīgu no Napoleona armijas, drošs paliek nedrošs, nodedzināja Rīgas priekšpilsētas. https://t…

Wed, 06 Jul 2016 13:01:15 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: The head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defence invited Marine Le Pen to visit Russia-annexed Sevastopol on the…

Tue, 05 Jul 2016 18:38:27 id

RT @A_SHEKH0VTS0V: Rus EU envoy: a Russian's complicity in the terrorist attack in Turkey is a lesson to the EU proving the need for cooper…

Mon, 04 Jul 2016 19:25:20 id

RT @AndisKudors: Laikam esmu palicis viens no pēdējiem mohikāņiem, kurš joprojām turas pie pārliecības, ka "cipars" ir no 0 līdz 9, bet pār…

Mon, 04 Jul 2016 13:22:11 id

"Vēl viena atskaite par kopā paveikto." Upe Ņila: https://t.co/8aate7ajqV

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 21:21:56 id

Czech President Milos Zeman Calls for Referendum on EU, NATO Membership: https://t.co/5vHVUS1UyJ

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 21:02:05 id

RT @andersostlund: Must read! The #Brexit supporters have finally released a valid plan for how to proceed. https://t.co/Nd1YTeUKsx

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 16:48:57 id

RT @POLITICOEurope: Austria’s highest court overturns presidential runoff https://t.co/J1nB0UJHoK https://t.co/KgcCeae6sx

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:26:27 id

RT @AP: BREAKING: Austrian court overturns presidential election result, calls rerun.

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 13:20:59 id

RT @AgniaGrigas: #Canada has decided it will send troops to join a #NATO high-readiness brigade in #Latvia: https://t.co/P3mXwcbx5m https:/…

Fri, 01 Jul 2016 02:13:52 id

RT @NATOSource: #Shoigu says #Russia will respond in kind to #NATO. If serious would mean reducing Russia forces to 4 battalions. https://t…

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 23:23:24 id

RT @CER_IanBond: A week ago I lived in major European country. Now it feels like (bent) banana republic, w 2 main parties in chaos & no cle…

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 23:02:47 id

RT @defense_news: Iceland Authorizes Return of US Troops Amid Russian Threat - The US-Iceland declaration signed this week says t... https:…

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 22:57:58 id

RT @AinarsLerhis: Illarionovs apstrīd Putina apgalvojumu par demogrāfisko katastrofu Latvijā: https://t.co/LRKt6wArkO

Thu, 30 Jun 2016 15:45:12 id

RT @anneapplebaum: How It Feels To Be Trolled By 40,000 Brexiters On Facebook https://t.co/Zy5CgQ3vNM via @lukelewis @BuzzFeedUK

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 22:18:08 id

RT @Exen: https://t.co/d9cFRrYLVl

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 22:12:57 id

The name of the Icelandic goalkeeper means “the one that owns five sheeps and a wife”. And more @iceland2016 facts https://t.co/VHIK3sdm5k

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 13:57:56 id

RT @PaulGoble1: ‘If the Russians Come Back Again, They Won’t Be Constrained by Communism’ https://t.co/yOtL3l9HD6

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 13:44:42 id

The contemporary populist promise is an offer of a collective real-time halucination... like a video game. https://t.co/4TF2BRqKyA

Wed, 29 Jun 2016 09:20:07 id

RT @OUPLibraries: Our #LibraryoftheWeek is the National Library of Latvia, designed by Latvian-born architect Gunnar Birkerts. @LNB_lv http…

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 21:04:10 id

RT @esmolar: Love the British sense of humour. Now, British Resistance to Brexit. https://t.co/GtoHmoa051

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 15:37:40 id

Nez, skeleti not tā skapja neizies? https://t.co/HSOyUddxv3

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 15:31:31 id

RT @NATOSource: Senior Western official: "#NATO becomes even more important to keep Britain engaged internationally" #Brexit https://t.co/f

Tue, 28 Jun 2016 03:45:04 id

“They are drinking copious amounts of vodka in the Kremlin today”. Brexit - good news for Russia, headache for NATO: https://t.co/p3evogArjn

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 19:29:26 id

“If we don’t have the U.K., we don’t have English.” https://t.co/fAive06LNG

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 19:01:37 id

RT @olewis75: London police to have "zero tolerance" approach to xenophobic attacks. Admirable leadership by @MayorofLondon https://t.co/ag

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 15:02:11 id

RT @mehdirhasan: "Referendum Racism Documented Online And It’s Really Scary" https://t.co/brWsKrGa7j

Mon, 27 Jun 2016 14:55:43 id

RT @KadriLiik: "The trouble with committing political suicide is that you live to regret it.” https://t.co/0IamUXe3UQ

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 23:19:00 id

RT @pworms: It’s a town with almost no immigrants that voted to get the immigrants out. A town that has been showered with EU... https://t.…

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 15:13:39 id

RT @IlvesToomas: "How Brexit is a win for Putin", by Michael @Mcfaul, who has some knowledge of these things https://t.co/L6seZpJrAm

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 15:02:19 id

RT @StigAbell: Amazing Guardian comment on the poisoned chalice of #Brexit. https://t.co/WEQjs1SGkA

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 14:51:03 id

RT @wef: This is the country that most Europeans think has the best quality of life https://t.co/zBpkP51n9i #Europe https://t.co/44MRW5TTl7

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 14:41:00 id

RT @ChrisMasonBBC: Full statement here from EU on triggering Article 50: https://t.co/OdOM3uaF2l

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 03:22:00 id

RT @ProSyn: #Brexit will be far from the last EU referendum, @markhleonard predicts https://t.co/njo4la0OlS

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 03:19:27 id

RT @PeteWishart: This is very interesting. The Scottish Parliament's 'consent is required'. https://t.co/BiGjIC7HqN

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 03:13:52 id

RT @carlbildt: UK was the 5th largest economy in the world. But after Brexit vote it has fallen to 6th place. France now larger. https://t.…

Sun, 26 Jun 2016 03:12:11 id

RT @anneapplebaum: and now this Petition: EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum https://t.co/46cNwynz3s

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 19:02:55 id

RT @DavidAllenGreen: Brexit, Article 50, and the start of a political stalemate New post by me, at @FT: https://t.co/FAfHuKZnej https://t.…

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 14:15:02 id

RT @MrMichaelShaw: I've quickly designed a logo for our new country: #ScotLond https://t.co/nZi1hBjZzZ

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 14:14:58 id

RT @POLITICOEurope: BREAKING: Core European Union nations want UK to leave ASAP https://t.co/kaFMVVJ0W9 https://t.co/MioweFDpKp

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 14:09:17 id

The Baltic republics prepare for the worst. @MaxBoot: https://t.co/GgMg6V8oEG

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 13:45:32 id

RT @IlvesToomas: A more serious analysis of what the UK must do post-Brexit Decision: The UK Needs to Become the EU's New Best Friend https…

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 13:28:48 id

RT @Billbrowder: The next leader of the free world?!? https://t.co/sQI3Cudrwq

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 12:26:19 id

RT @matthaig1: Don't call us bad losers. https://t.co/f7bTXW81nd

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 01:10:08 id

RT @GermanyDiplo: We are off now to an Irish pub to get decently drunk. And from tomorrow on we will again work for a better #Europe! Promi…

Sat, 25 Jun 2016 00:37:31 id

RT @NATOSource: Moscow mayor: “Without #UK in the #EU there won’t be anyone to so zealously defend the sanctions against us” #Brexit https:…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 18:38:51 id

RT @FRANCE24: French, Dutch far-right call for EU membership referendums after Brexit https://t.co/4FDJauuN1f

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:59:19 id

RT @ektrit: "Mongol Yoke Saved Russia from Becoming European,’ Lavrov Says." https://t.co/3BBaY3cWkD

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:50:08 id

RT @WSJ: Breaking: U.S. stocks plunge as markets open after Britain votes to quit EU; Dow sinks more than 500 points https://t.co/XBsZMm0g

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:38:02 id

RT @BBCBenThompson: Sources at Morgan Stanley tell BBC it's already begun process of moving 2,000 London based investment banking staff to…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:30:57 id

RT @mikskoljers: Irony upon irony. Prepare for UK's brightest to emigrate en masse in coming months. I guess immigrants will have to arrive…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 16:28:56 id

Not since the Germans voted Hitler into power has a democratic electorate inflicted so much harm on its prospects https://t.co/w8WuXscbe3

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 15:43:21 id

RT @ConnorGillies: Just asked #DonaldTrump if he thinks #BorisJohnson should be the next PM following #Brexit. He told me "Who is Boris? I…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 15:12:41 id

RT @anneapplebaum: Russia has spent years pumping money, overtly and covertly, into euroskeptic parties and media all across Europe. Now it…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 15:02:42 id

RT @GuyVerhofstadt: In last 8 hours, UK lost $350bn, which is a greater amount than they contributed to EU budget over last 15 years - incl…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:47:54 id

RT @nytimes: "I think it's a great thing that happened," Trump said about Britain's referendum vote https://t.co/U76uNiUB2x

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:22:05 id

RT @RolandOliphant: A view from Russia: "This isn't UK independence from Europe, but Europe's independence from the US." https://t.co/YQlNV

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:16:49 id

RT @anneapplebaum: Both EU and UK now weakened, distracted at a time of major crises. No unity to deal with Russia, Syria, Isis, illiberali…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:16:16 id

RT @BBCDanielS: Nicola Sturgeon: "Scotland has voted to stay in the EU and I intend to explore all possible options to do so" https://t.co/

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:15:28 id

RT @UnaBergmane: Bet protams. Tāpat kā viņas finansētājs Maskavā. https://t.co/jSRsL4bkYh

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:11:36 id

RT @vpkivimaki: Thus, if EU mutual defense significantly weakened through UK exit, NATO deliberations will pick up steam in Finland.

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:10:36 id

RT @silvesterldn: Just extraordinary https://t.co/1vRePtBHqg

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:06:13 id

RT @strobetalbott: The Kremlin spin: payback for - & rollback of - the collapse of USSR & Western euphoria over independent republics. http…

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:05:03 id

RT @AD7863: This comment from a reader of the FT puts it better than I ever could. https://t.co/fXupQYi24O

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 14:01:37 id

Led Zeppelin Win in 'Stairway to Heaven' Trial: https://t.co/Ai7risXv62

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 23:40:49 id

RT @jk_rowling: Over 20 years of misinformation on the EU by @DailyMailUK @Telegraph & co via @TheEconomist https://t.co/4Tev8APvab

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 17:19:45 id

7 signs that Brexit is really happening: https://t.co/xEtHn7LROe

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 16:46:16 id

RT @TheEuro2016: The Icelandic commentary for Iceland's 94th minute winning goal is incredible 😂 https://t.co/B1ie4Axv9C

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 03:19:03 id

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