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RT @gdg: 🇮🇳India 🇮🇳 This weekend's #DevFests! Sep, 21 👉Bangalore, Thiruvananthapuram, Chennai, Mumbai Sep, 22 👉Vadodara, Bhubaneswar, Ind…

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RT @WomenTechmakers: ⏰New episode alert⏰ On this Women Techmakers in 60 Seconds, @chatasweetie shows us how to customize our virtual space…

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Have you earned your checkmark? ✅ Before you launch your app widely to the community, learn how to prepare it for… https://t.co/ToCQBWCdH8

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RT @GoogleDesign: "Play is an attitude—an approach we can bring to our creative work." Watch as designer and illustrator Erin Jang makes th…

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Fast, smooth, and predictable UI 😌 ✨ @MartinAguinis reveals the secret sauce to #Flutter and what sets it apart fo… https://t.co/lgKaGJ1Hvu

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RT @kubra__zengin: North America #DevFest season is September. We have 50 DevFests happening this month and so on! Best of luck to all of o…

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RT @Firebase: “If you’ve used an app, then you’ve probably used Firebase.” -Susan Goldblatt Tune into the livestream on Sept 26 to join Su…

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👋Oh hey there, India! Did you know there’s a YouTube channel just for you? Head over to Google Developers India… https://t.co/1m8sIzf4QE

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👩‍🍳 Hello, is it us you’re cooking for? 🎶 Join @pvergadia on Get Cooking in Cloud as she dishes out the 411 on bui… https://t.co/BXyvRIXZyF

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Canada here we come! 🇨🇦✨ Experience the 2019 North America GDE Summit, from the opening remarks with… https://t.co/Mw3KdKiOKh

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Us watching #DevShow: . 🎥 * .  *  ✨. *  *   😎*  👾. * 🎥. 👨‍💻 .  * * .  *. * . *  ✨  👾*  👩‍💻… https://t.co/6cbg6ckIx9

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RT @gdg: 🇮🇳India 🇮🇳 - This weekend's #DevFests! 👉 Jodhpur, Sep 14 @GDGJodhpur - https://t.co/LHKYUd1CwP 👉 Coimbatore, Sep 14 @GDGCoimbat

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RT @Firebase: Q: Will we be running #AskFirebase during the #FirebaseSummit on Sept 26? ⚪ YES! ⚪ In person ⚪ On the livestream ⚪ 👍👍👍 🔘 All…

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🤳✨ Strike a pose and let the magic happen! Check out the Augmented Faces API in #ARCore and learn how to create d… https://t.co/mZRCKJrFvA

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Get ready, North America. #DevFest is upon us! https://t.co/Z4hD2TbxgK

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No challenge is too big for our #DeveloperStudentClubs. Bring. It. On. 😎 Learn more here → https://t.co/LLimk9JuoU https://t.co/9uCNqr6B34

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RT @GSuiteDevs: 👋 Say goodbye to Sheets v3 API! With better functionality that will make your apps hum, we’re doubling down on the Sheets…

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Kotlin, but make it Java-friendly 😎👍 Learn how to write Kotlin that’s seamlessly callable from Java with the new K… https://t.co/hPm9ZInBTL

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: Join the #GoogleAssistantForGood Europe Challenge! Together with Google, @CentroNemo is looking for ways to help peo…

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RT @googleaccess: Learn how the Accessibility Developer Infrastructure team has made over 170 million suggestions for ways to improve acces…

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During Google Developer Days, we united Flutter on web and mobile and announced our biggest stable release so far:… https://t.co/E5wQXx83Uw

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Alright, can we bring in the green screen? Let’s try one for the #FirebaseSummit livestream on September 26th. Read… https://t.co/RatrDD4mGZ

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Let’s go student developers! 🙌 Last week, the #DeveloperStudentClub India Summit supported 180 attendees and reach… https://t.co/221da6Ageh

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we took just a D N A T e s t t… https://t.co/paYgQIFlDr

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Curious about ML but don't know where to start?👀 In this episode, Qamra Jema Khan shows you how to get down & dirty w…

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RT @GoogleDevsIN: Growth and knowledge aside, #DevFest serves as the best place to connect with the community and make new friends. @GDGSil

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🙌10/10 would recommend!🙌 https://t.co/zb9p9qX2mZ

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✨ What an inspiring event! ✨ On July 13th, the first #NAGDGAcademy was held in Colorado for 50+ GDG leads who came… https://t.co/sbss7YNqAm

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Normal heart rate: ⠀ /⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ / __ / __/\__ / _ /⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ / When the hottest… https://t.co/Bu2OIHXaBi

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RT @Firebase: 📢Listen up, Firebasers📢 @DrOsaOmokaro is gearing up for the #FirebaseSummit keynote and she has news that’ll change the app-…

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RT @Firebase: 🚨Big News🚨 The schedule for #FirebaseSummit is live! Click the link below to learn more about this year’s talks and be sure…

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Name a more iconic duo. We’ll wait. 🤩 https://t.co/vv9KQfJ7b4

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Human centered design sits at the intersection of empathy and creativity. It starts with people - and ends with tailor…

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RT @GCPcloud: Our latest #BigQuery features enable developers to rethink their data warehouse, helping them focus on the analytics instead…

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Warriors, rangers, and mages of Gielinor rejoice! Now you can ... 🧙‍♂️Cast spells ⚔️Raid dungeons 🐉Defeat monste… https://t.co/DjYDYxZlz6

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RT @GoogleDesign: To AI or not to AI? That is the question. Get a quick overview of the #pairguidebook → A toolkit of methods and decision-…

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Keepin' it local in a digital world 😎 Meet Akanksha, CEO and founder of @mPaani. With the help of the startup's so… https://t.co/DaIS25GvMl

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????The best developer news show based on your birth month: Jan: #DevShow Feb: #DevShow Mar: #DevShow Apr: #DevShow M… https://t.co/NNfzA8wx1Y

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RT @Firebase: Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Madrid for this year’s #FirebaseSummit. We’re live-streaming the whole event! Visit the…

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RT @GoogleDevsIN: 150+ Developer Student Club leads will soon be attending the #IndiaDSCSummit We aren't leaving you behind! 😃Watch the l…

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RT @GoogleDesign: From Leonardo da Vinci to robotics, curiousity has always driven design. Watch as Carnegie Mellon's @liningy unpacks the…

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Trying to improve your DevOps efforts? Our research shows you how! Check out the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps… https://t.co/sVSLHUpqiT

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🇨🇦North America, R U READY?!🇺🇸 #DevFest season is upon us and it’s time to get out there and meet some like-minded… https://t.co/SF2vVEwrel

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When tech meets health 👩‍💻➡️👩‍⚕️ See how the students from #DeveloperStudentClubs worked together to improve the… https://t.co/3ntyXx0b8l

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: What a great hackathon season! 💻✨ Along with @GCPcloud, we teamed up with @MLHacks to provide students with workshops…

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RT @GoogleDesign: ⏰ Tick-tock! It's time to nominate your app for our 2019 Material Design Awards—and win a spot at @Google's design & tech…

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RT @ChromiumDev: #ChromeDevSummit registration is open! Request an invite for our annual developer summit taking place in San Francisco, C…

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Choose your #DevFest tracks 🏁 🔘Career 🔘Technical 🔘Diversity and Inclusion 🔘Social and Community Leadership Or eve… https://t.co/6dz9m8CUNY

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🌎 All are welcome at #DevFest 🙌 If you’re eager to learn and interested in technology, this is the place to be!… https://t.co/4pbr9JfhqL

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📺 Make game decisions with Crowd Choice! 🎮 Crowd Choice is a new feature for @GoogleStadia that allows viewers to… https://t.co/MUh0MVxViW

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Centered is now captioned and translated in 7+ languages! Come explore the intersection of design, product, and pe… https://t.co/2VtVdFSmyg

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Friday Fun FOMO 🤝 Keepin’ up with #DevShow!… https://t.co/W3toNJ9mZT

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RT @GooglePlayDev: 🌍Go Global! 🌍 Get insights into developing your apps & games for emerging markets and consider: ✅Localising content an…

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🇮🇳#DevFest kicks off in India! Incredible. Visit the new and improved website to see when and where one of our up… https://t.co/JdFfMbD83B

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Take the retail industry by storm 🛒⚡️ In the latest #OnAir session, learn how #Cloud’s robust set of solutions can… https://t.co/Z8GvJDh6Oh

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🌍What is #DevFest? 🌍 Great things can happen when developers get together and exchange ideas! With over 400 commun… https://t.co/vqUXWLcQeP

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“Anybody can get the chance if they have the will.” Meet Eko, the scholarship recipient of the Android Developer F… https://t.co/OPRTwts4Ac

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RT @Firebase: 😎What’s cooler than being cool?😎 Attending this year’s #FirebaseSummit in Madrid with amazing developers like @BrittBarak wh…

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Don’t let major industry events throw your system for a loop. ↻ In the latest #OnAir session, retail expert Aaron… https://t.co/BCLYHuOz8Y

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No one: Literally nobody: Us on Fridays: It’s time to watch the #DevShow!!! 🤘🤪 On this week’s episode,… https://t.co/frFbaIee9L

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RT @googlewmc: 🤖 Come with me if you want to master the web ⚙️ In this episode of #AskGoogleWebmasters, @JohnMu explains whether Google Se…

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💂‍♀️#AcceleratedWithGoogle takes London 💂‍♂️ Last week #GoogleLaunchpad, @GoogleAI, and @Googleorg brought the AI… https://t.co/830JBbtPsf

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RT @googlecodejam: 🎥Learn about the magic of the Code Jam Finals through the live stream on August 9 @ 22:00 UTC — use #CodeJam for questio…

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Become #Cloud certified! ☁️🏅😀 Whether you’re an IT decision maker or a developer, it pays to become certified. Dis… https://t.co/26G0S1HYun

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RT @WomenTechmakers: What does it take to build a Data Studio Community Visualization? 🤔📊📉 @y3l2n explains this and more on this week's ep…

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: 🎭Gamemasters looking for ambient music? @handnf tells us how #AoGDevs can use media responses to build their own mus…

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Hey software startup leaders! 🚀 #GoogleLaunchpad wants your help supporting startup success. Help us better unders… https://t.co/t0CA6V9GyI

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 18:57:00 id

Hey software startup leaders! 🚀 #GoogleLaunchpad wants your help supSporting startup success. Help us better under… https://t.co/1A70f9Iss3

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🗣Have your voice heard! Shape the world’s understanding of developers by taking part in the new @DevEconomics surv… https://t.co/A1vrzzSvKZ

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After a busy summer of building new features, we’re excited to announce updates to Coral’s evolving platform! Check… https://t.co/Ip9yG5cjVw

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And we are so much #BetterTogether 🙏🙏🙏 https://t.co/0cguHiayPz

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🥇The Flutter Create Challenge Zebiao Hu decided to learn about mobile development because the industry is heading… https://t.co/3YW9E95bh0

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: 🎥 Roll the cameras! #AssistantOnAir is back with season 2 ✨ Join @chatasweetie as she chats with Google Assistant Exp…

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You gotta be watching #DevShow. That’s it. That’s the tweet. Watch now → https://t.co/9VdN1nHJSs https://t.co/XldT1zhK74

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: Starting today, you can submit & publish 🎮 Actions using Interactive Canvas! 🎉 It lets you create immersive experience…

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📢 Attention designers and developers! The #MaterialDesign Awards are back to celebrate inventive, brilliant, and… https://t.co/uZmO548hIo

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👩‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻👩‍💻@WomenTechmakers Summit in Europe. Get the inside scoop! Community organizers, 120 Ambassadors, and… https://t.co/ug4q3rgU5Q

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RT @Firebase: Teamwork makes the dream work 👊 @LukasElmer has attended every #FirebaseSummit and he’s not missing the next one in Madrid o…

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📫We’ve got some good stuff for your inbox! Subscribe to our newsletter for industry updates, product highlights, a… https://t.co/NPDlWlFf6J

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👋 @ToddKerpelman’s back with #DevShow, so get ready for new info about ... ☝️Registration for… https://t.co/f8Bj8rlCSe

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🌎🎮Global success on Google Play: from Volgograd to the world! Russian #AndroidDev @KefirGames took the game… https://t.co/Xy40HVXAVa

Wed, 24 Jul 2019 21:30:03 id

RT @GoogleDesign: Effective sound design? It's more than bells and whistles. Watch (& 👂) as 4 pro sound designers share how noise shapes U…

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Hey @retomeier, what do you think of our new Instagram? Follow us now → https://t.co/o8JOycja2P https://t.co/aHZZ1aCgW2

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: Help users get the most out of your Action! 🎬 Learn how to use suggestion chips to guide your users through your Acti…

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RT @Firebase: 🔥 ???? 💃 #FirebaseSummit 2019 is upon us and @rubydwarf can’t wait to get the party started. Apply now for a chance to join her…

Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:34:51 id

RT @AndroidDev: 📣 Attention Android developers! 📣 Google Play now requires native libraries to have a corresponding 64-bit version. Find o…

Mon, 22 Jul 2019 23:31:10 id

RT @ActionsOnGoogle: New developer preview! The #LocalHomeSDK is now available to implement #SmartHome actions locally ✨ #AoGDevs, read…

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IT’S TIME TO WATCH #DEVSHOW It’s Friday and… https://t.co/UXz09DUYyC

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📺 Check out the teaser for this brand new Q&A show! Use #AskGoogleWebmasters to get answers to your questions and… https://t.co/nS7SwJw7Cs

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RT @gregsramblings: Every Google Cloud product described in 4 words or less. 28 new products in this update! Download PDFs and hi-res PNGs…

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Can't wait for this one! #BetterTogether https://t.co/ebu9WAEauT

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Another way to learn a new language. Very cool #AndroidDev story! Check it out here ↓ https://t.co/GCGY1HaE2u

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RT @AndroidDev: On your marks, get set ... apply! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Registration for #AndroidDevSummit is officially open. Apply here → https://t…

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“The next great story could be yours.” Start, grow, and scale your startup with Google Business Groups. Meet and c… https://t.co/hGO6zzdULA

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😔 Friday FOMO got you down? 😀 We have the cure right here! On this week's episode of #DevShow, @retomeier talks Lo… https://t.co/1w6fx4g2ea

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📣 Attention Student Developers 📣 Google Developers is bringing #DeveloperStudentClubs to the US. Be a leader and… https://t.co/VSUKWlfjBa

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: This year, @WomenTechmakers partnered with the Actions on Google team to host technical workshops. Check out our recap…

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Everyone knows that testing your code is important. More testing = Less bugs❌🐜 + More happy users😊💻 On this week's ⏰…

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✍️How do you guarantee the integrity of a document? @Sleek_corp relies on the @GCPcloud and the Cloud Key Manageme… https://t.co/SJIACIcOc0

Wed, 10 Jul 2019 22:05:57 id

RT @ActionsOnGoogle: If you are building IoT devices that connect to the Google Assistant, check out the best practices for doing so in our…

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RT @Firebase: Strap on your dancing shoes and get ready to meet new friends at a fuego fiesta you won't soon forget. 💃 🎉 🔥 Registration is…

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RT @GoogleForEdu: Introducing #CodewithGoogle, a new place for educators to find Google’s CS curricula, programs & training to help them br…

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We know it’s a long weekend for many of you, so we’re dropping this week’s #DevShow a little early. Click the lin… https://t.co/pWKhRL8lxk

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Are you and your business at the forefront of European digital innovation? Apply to the #DT50 awards and join… https://t.co/VXmuh9xYHx

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🌏This is #KotlinEverywhere🌍 @wkalic and @saturnism want you to get excited for Kotlin wherever you are:… https://t.co/mjeeO80SCb

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RT @gdg: 🎉 Celebrating now having 💯 x 10 GDGs worldwide! 🎉 https://t.co/m9Sysqbhkf

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It’s time to get inspired … The Google Developers Experts Program is a community of outstanding professionals, dev… https://t.co/eEuKaUYVPJ

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We’ve got that #FridayFeeling and that means it’s time to catch up on the latest and coolest developer news from Go… https://t.co/I3wjVkx5Ae

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Let’s meet at the mall! 🤙 Watch this video to see how #DeveloperStudentClub members in Ghana came together to buil… https://t.co/CYnwHtWWaQ

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RT @Firebase: Things to do in Madrid this Fall ... 🥘 Eat lots of tapas 💃 Do the Fandango 🔥 Come see us at the #FirebaseSummit on Sept 26!…

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Find your community, build together, and connect to fellow developers. Join a Google Developer community program to… https://t.co/m06aoHlNxh

Wed, 26 Jun 2019 23:06:37 id

RT @deeplearningai_: Want more SensorFlow fun from @lmoroney? Enroll in the https://t.co/xXmpwE13wh TensorFlow Specialization now on @Cours

Wed, 26 Jun 2019 20:20:55 id

💡 Want to get your Action promoted? 💡 Watch the 10 best practices shared at Google I/O and start building high-qua… https://t.co/CbKQDeKYzu

Wed, 26 Jun 2019 00:49:49 id

Stadia is excited to bring more content to game developers! Come learn how we're building Crowd Play, the feature… https://t.co/LQFGa48Mu3

Tue, 25 Jun 2019 21:18:17 id

“Those who can imagine anything, can create the impossible.” -Alan Turing (aka The Father of Modern Computer Scien… https://t.co/gT2SPajri7

Sun, 23 Jun 2019 21:22:26 id

Meet Adeloye Olanrewaju, CEO and Founder of @BabymigoApp, an organization using technology to help reduce Nigeria’s… https://t.co/QZhrJnp3rj

Fri, 21 Jun 2019 21:52:51 id

Happy Friday! It’s time to catch up on the coolest developer news from Google including new details about ... ✅ A… https://t.co/S6CwqG0ih8

Fri, 21 Jun 2019 19:48:23 id

RT @gdg: Innovate faster and at scale. Learn how to build your path “To the Cloud, Your Way.” Register today → https://t.co/J1hnZim1aV http…

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Women Techmakers in 60 Seconds is back⏰🙌???? This week we're talking SQL - a great language for large datasets💻✨ Do you…

Thu, 20 Jun 2019 21:03:36 id

🏦Make payments easier for you and your customers! Now, you’ll be able to accept PayPal with Google Pay on your ap… https://t.co/NqdXsGgmeK

Thu, 20 Jun 2019 20:15:00 id

The Firebase crew is dropping some serious knowledge on their YouTube channel! 🔥🔥🔥 Head over now for tutorials, te… https://t.co/OPScBx8IWH

Wed, 19 Jun 2019 22:33:45 id

RT @WomenTechmakers: "Teach her that the idea of 'gender roles' is absolute nonsense." 👩????‍💻👩????‍🏫👩????‍🔬👩🏻‍🚀 #WednesdayWisdomhttps://t.co/Tc

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 19:23:58 id

RT @deeplearningai_: 3 days until you can take Course 3 of the TensorFlow Specialization! @AndrewYNg and @lmoroney discuss what it takes to…

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 23:12:01 id

The Google Webmasters YouTube channel will help you solve the biggest SEO mysteries 🕵️‍♀️ Subscribe now for more e… https://t.co/tDIrxk9RVZ

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 02:45:54 id

The Google Webmasters YouTube Channel will help you solve the biggest SEO mysteries 🕵️‍♀️ Subscribe now for more e… https://t.co/6suqhoqLb7

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 02:22:00 id

Might mess around and | 👀 | / ____| |_____ / ✊__/ \_✊ share the latest and coolest deve… https://t.co/5PKXIlHTJ2

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 01:02:26 id

RT @FlutterDev: We have surpassed 50K followers on Twitter! Three cheers for our Flutter Community who have made the dream a reality. Sti…

Sat, 15 Jun 2019 00:57:03 id

Every single day, developers in the LGBTQIA+ community bring their minds, hearts, and perspectives to their work at… https://t.co/W7ir4txHXQ

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 21:47:34 id

🍕😺🍕😺🍕 😺🍕😺🍕 😺🍕😺 😺🍕 🍕 @GKBeast has one golden rule: never deploy on a Friday because we… https://t.co/onBRUAZRTf

Fri, 14 Jun 2019 19:14:19 id

Oh, the places they'll go! Meet Hastu, a very special #DeveloperStudentClub member we brought to I/O to meet other… https://t.co/382B5CWDq9

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 23:05:51 id

RT @GoogleDevsIN: For India-based startup @niramaianalytix, #AI and #ML are key to its approach to fighting breast cancer. Know how Niramai…

Mon, 10 Jun 2019 20:31:00 id

ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬ tfw the week is ending and #DevShow drops. @ThatJenPerson is here to tell you about the latest and coo… https://t.co/r3bO7yDCb2

Fri, 07 Jun 2019 22:35:25 id

Fact: Great things happen when people come together. Attend, organize, and speak at #KotlinEverywhere events. Find… https://t.co/hNJRNhacKS

Fri, 07 Jun 2019 21:30:08 id

Fact: Great things happen when people come together. @FMuntenescu and @hhariri kick off Kotlin/Everywhere, a serie… https://t.co/CrnMzHPRYx

Fri, 07 Jun 2019 19:04:47 id

RT @GCPcloud: Happy birthday #Kubernetes ↓ We can't contain just how excited we are [listen with 🔊] #k8s5 https://t.co/IkeImiyAlc

Fri, 07 Jun 2019 01:21:34 id

📜 The evolution of #Kubernetes 📜 We’re proud to ride along on this amazing adventure and we look forward to many m… https://t.co/pm4dayRGy4

Thu, 06 Jun 2019 23:41:12 id

All aboard the birthday boat! ⛵ #Kubernetes turns 5 today! Click the link below to learn more about how its commun… https://t.co/9Ndieufeh8

Thu, 06 Jun 2019 16:09:45 id

RT @GSuiteDevs: 📬Mail merge is now easier than ever with @GSuite and the new Google Docs API. @wescpy’s latest video you’ll learn how it's…

Thu, 06 Jun 2019 00:22:05 id

RT @GooglePlayDev: We’re updating our feature and rank logic on Google Play to further prioritize high quality apps and games with strong t…

Wed, 05 Jun 2019 01:09:30 id

👩‍🎓 Attention Students! 👩‍🎓 The deadline to apply to be a #DeveloperStudentClub lead has been extended to June 15t… https://t.co/kSXbcMIYZ3

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RT @AMPhtml: 🇩🇪Hallo #Berlin! Want to learn how to build fast, responsive, maintainable sites? Come to the free #AMP Roadshow, featuring th…

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RT @Firebase: 🍍 The pineapple has landed! 🎯 We’ve set the date for #FirebaseSummit 2019 and hope you’ll join us. Tap to pause for the det…

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{\__/} ( • - •) 🗞< You want developer news? {\__/} ( • . •) / >📺 Watch #DevShow here → https://t.co/6kvPBfde7mhttps://t.co/g5i88r7qzY

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In this post, the Coral team covers how to make your own Teachable Machine and the new downloadable compiler! Get… https://t.co/U5g0YNNC1N

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Hunting for the perfect font just got easier with the new global toolbar’s side-by-side comparison! 🔍 Go ahead, te… https://t.co/WxHmiNeGqz

Fri, 31 May 2019 19:25:27 id

Hunting for the perfect font just got easier with the new global toolbar’s side-by-side comparison! 🔍 Go ahead, te… https://t.co/nbrrIQPdBr

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Test drive the most popular commands for the Google Assistant. Check out the Sample Actions documentation and learn… https://t.co/bNZTJbNaZM

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RT @GSuiteDevs: We're enhancing security controls for third-party apps that use Google Drive. Find out how to prepare your app ahead of the…

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🐥 Rubber Ducky, you’re the one! 👩‍💻 @Rumyra troubleshoots her coding challenges with a little help from her friend… https://t.co/Kn7cbBwdHT

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RT @GoogleDesign: “One of the things that people don’t realize when they visit an exhibition is how much their body is being manipulated th…

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Meet Nhasala Joshi👋???? ✔️A badass techie, tinkerer, and engineer ✔️WTM Kathmandu Ambassador ✔️Co-founder Women Leaders…

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Heeeeeere's #DevShow! 🚪👀 @ToddKerpelman's back with the latest developer news from Google including Kotlin/Everyw… https://t.co/6PoZa2MT7j

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Sometimes all you need is a little splash of color 🎨 @YasmineEvjen and @LiamSpradlin explore how @anchor came up w… https://t.co/byrp8FWtlw

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Discover how Stadia meets the challenges of cloud gaming in this comprehensive presentation on the technology behin… https://t.co/QL3gyniOgz

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RT @WomenTechmakers: We continue to be inspired by the stories of our community - and today we're excited to share one✨ Meet @RayanZahab

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Attention Students! The deadline to apply to be a #DeveloperStudentClub lead has been extended to June 15th. Watch… https://t.co/LK35ARMa13

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RT @WomenTechmakers: 💻 Technology ✨ Inspiration 🌍 Community These Women Techmaker Ambassadors share their highlights from #io19 → https://…

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🌥️ #GoogleNext19 🙌 #io19 ☸️ #KubeCon 🤖 #AndroidDevSummit 🔥 #FirebaseSummit This year’s slate of developer even… https://t.co/LKplJdOmI2

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Diversity is key 🔑 Check out the blog to learn how Cloud Study Jams are helping to break down boundaries for women… https://t.co/x8AHpMh8P4

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When the week is ending and #DevShow drops ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙) ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉) @retomeier's back to bring yo… https://t.co/jl4muSVaxV

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✨ Magical things happen when people come together to help others. In this Developer Spotlight, we see how… https://t.co/getMf14MVF

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👀Look In A Book📚 Take a ride on the reading rainbow to see how @old_sound finds inspiration in the latest episode… https://t.co/cU7gTnQNas

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ICYMI … We shared some pretty cool news about Chrome OS at #io19. Check out the blog to see how we’ve made buildi… https://t.co/hQbl9DST4s

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RT @AndroidDev: Together with @JetBrains, we’re launching #KotlinEverywhere - a global series of community-led events where you can learn a…

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Oh, the places you’ll go! We’re so proud of our #DeveloperStudentClub members and happy we could bring some of the… https://t.co/qzIGbatAH9

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RT @materialdesign: ICYMI: Here's everything new we launched for @Google #io19, from dark theme & product sounds to interactive online proj…

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RT @WomenTechmakers: Picking a programming language can feel like a word soup🍲🆘🙄 Don't stress😅in 60 Seconds, @fearofpoets will explain wh…

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Get the most out of Cloud 🙌☁️ Don’t miss these live online sessions between May 13-17, including a special BigQuer… https://t.co/9N8subZ1qn

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Shining a spotlight on eleven amazing startups from Africa. Click the link below to see how Launchpad is lending a… https://t.co/zlIlLcPeav

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: We’re excited to announce the Magnificent Escape Action by @TheLeonNicholls is now open sourced! #AoGDevs, read the…

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💪ML Kit just got a lot more powerful!💪 Visit the blog to learn how four new features have made ML Kit even more am… https://t.co/tExVLC1Ke7

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🙌Thank You 🙌 #io19 is officially wrapped! A big thank you to those who joined us online and in-person. Watch the… https://t.co/YcETZxFayP

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At #io19 we announced new solutions for @ActionsOnGoogle! 🗣✨ Whether you build for web, mobile, or smart home, the… https://t.co/uIMxOjeKKz

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A huge shoutout to the 500+ #io19extended events happening in 60+ countries! By joining #io19 from afar, you're hel… https://t.co/kPVCy4WLNL

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Bounce, rock, and roller-skate through #io19https://t.co/H9bStdQfr2

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🕺 Break it down 🕺 @TensorFlow is working towards their 2.0 release and seeing great progress with #TensorFlowJS an… https://t.co/t2QlURMNmR

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The Final day of #io19 is about to begin, watch it all live at https://t.co/YoqxdgpZH7 Check out these shots from… https://t.co/f4tTfzI5Sb

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Day 2 of #io19 is over, but the night has just begun! Watch The Flaming Lips perform LIVE at Shoreline starting at… https://t.co/LqiYCObFZF

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Missed our biggest announcements at #io19? From #Pixel3a and #NestHubMax to Dark Theme on Android Q, we've got you… https://t.co/9M2uYatCDk

Thu, 09 May 2019 02:24:52 id

🔥 This. Is. Fire. 🔥 At #io19 Firebase announced new translation, object detection and tracking, and AutoML capabil… https://t.co/V1LQyMMLEi

Thu, 09 May 2019 00:34:33 id

#io19 just keeps getting better! Learn about the technical preview of Flutter for the web, an update on Flutter f… https://t.co/fZsLtkEKt4

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Coming up at #io19, we're covering the latest resources for building on Android with #Kotlin. We've come a long w… https://t.co/IXysNCguHH

Wed, 08 May 2019 22:20:00 id

As we shared yesterday at #io19, Kotlin-first, CameraX, and Android Studio 3.5 beta are just a few examples of… https://t.co/k4WgDIeA6s

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✨ And we're back! ✨ Day 2 of #io19 is live! Tune-in to watch Sessions now at https://t.co/YoqxdgpZH7 And check ou… https://t.co/7uw0o9GaNy

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👏That’s a wrap! 👏 Day 1 of #io19 is over, but there’s more in store. Tune in to the livestream tomorrow for more o… https://t.co/vBOpjuyxDj

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RT @GoogleARVR: Today at #io19, we announced how improving real world understanding in #ARCore can help you build more interactive and real…

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RT @FlutterDev: We have some exciting announcements for Flutter at #io19! Check out our recap post on the Google Developer Blog. It's all t…

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RT @ActionsOnGoogle: ✨New Features✨ #AoGDevs, get in the know about what launched at #io19: including new tools for mobile, web and smart…

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#DevAnthology teaser: @NaziriniSiraji taught herself @TensorFlow and #MachineLearning to unite her community and fi… https://t.co/C00W8Cd9pt

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See where to go in AR with Explore I/O, a new feature in this year's I/O app. You can filter by your personal sched… https://t.co/X6ONT9pp8B

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We want to see your smiling faces 😀 If you're joining #io19 from afar you can still be part of the party. Just pop… https://t.co/jsKgTro8KU

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Building on and for Chrome OS puts developers on a direct path to reaching a fast-growing, engaged audience. Read… https://t.co/IlmSl8evJe

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.@adamse's about to take the stage at #io19! https://t.co/MY75qaC6bF

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🔴[LIVE] Gather around, developers. The #io19 Developer Keynote starts now. Watch here → https://t.co/YoqxdgpZH7 https://t.co/2MXwrFyLfg

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The Developer Keynote kicks off in 15 minutes! Tune in for all the latest announcements and releases from #io19.… https://t.co/6YGYiLL5XO

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It’s all happening … on our Instagram story! Follow us now for exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of #io19. 👉… https://t.co/as65cDxMnp

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Now is your chance to be understood. Speech recognition should work for everyone. If you’re not well understood by… https://t.co/U0fbOfhxjK

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🔴[LIVE] Tune in to the #io19 Keynote and get ready for mind-blowing announcements all day long. Watch now ⬇️⬇️⬇️https://t.co/YoqxdgpZH7

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🌞Good morning from Mountain View🌞 #io19 is here. Stay tuned for three days of exciting announcements, amazing even… https://t.co/8uMJzpNz9j

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Google I/O, here we go … #io19 starts tomorrow! Stay tuned for tweets about the biggest announcements and be sure… https://t.co/t42pyHuRBp

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